Thursday, November 24, 2011


Obviously by now, we've all realized that summer is hiding for a while :/. With this thought in mind, as I sit snuggled in my blanket with a tall glass of chocolate milk, I feel it is necessary to bring back the warmth and sunshine of this past summer, even if it only is in photographs.
 Creepy, yet beautiful, Luna Moth

 <3 Flutterbys

 Poison Sumac anyone?

 Great Blue Heron <3

 Wet paws :D


 Ohh how I miss summer :/

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Senior Pictures: James Earliwine

Well, I did my first official shoot for senior pictures yesterday. It was for a good friend, James. I learned a few lessons from this too. If you've only been to the client's house once, and it was 2-3 years ago, driven there by another friend, in the dark....ASK FOR DIRECTIONS AHEAD OF TIME! 
Despite my nervousness about my first shoot, it went very well. I am very proud of my results, and wish every client behaved as well as he did. Especially when he came up with his own ideas and made fun of me for humming and having too much fun :)

 Sunshineee :D

Ohhh that face!! :) 


:D one of my favorites  

Stock trailer was his idea, and I'm glad he  thought of it :D

 <3 this one

James, you have no idea how much fun this was :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This morning on my way to school...

Every morning when I leave my dad's house to go to school, I pass a farm called "Painted Acres". This is just one of the various times I've stopped my car for a shot I just couldn't miss :)


Monday, November 7, 2011

As you may have read on the page dedicated to my interests, I am a sucker for animals. I was raised around cattle, horses, cats, chickens, as well as donkeys. But out of all these lovely creatures, no beast has captured my heart quite as well as dogs. One in particular, Zoe, is the most precious and intelligent canine I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Let me tell you her story.

One day, after school, my dad came home and told me to go down to the truck and close my eyes. I did so, and when he told me to open them, I saw a frightened, yellow mutt in the bed of his truck. We got her out and walked her around for a while.

 That night, we brought her in the house where she slept next to my bed for her first night :). Dad told me how she had been hanging around the trucking business where he works, and that she seemed friendly and in need of a home. She was young and full of energy, so we assumed someone couldn't handle her vivacious spunk. We could see where someone had had a collar on her, and removed it. 

 Sadly, she was most likely driven somewhere and dropped off. She is half boxer and half pit bull, and has never bitten nor harmed anyone. She loves children and lies down to let them play with her. She detests violence, and even play fighting is prohibited in her presence. She loves riding in the car with me or daddy, and she knows we are leaving once we pick up our keys. She is the greatest friend I could ask for, and will forever be an unforgettable member of the family.